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TestOps in Action: 
Challenges and Tools

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Software development has been an evergreen industry for decades. But developers and engineering managers had to revise and optimize SDLC to stay relevant and up-to-date continuously. And here we are, with DevOps, Clouds, Pipelines, and liquid software. With Fonzi, we’ll drill down into how all that impacted our daily routines and tooling.

Join us on the March 2nd to share your ideas and ask questions on several topics apart from Allure TestOps:

  • Software Development methodologies and tooling evolution

  • DevOps and Continuous Testing approach for the web

  • ChatGPT for developers and testers.



Alfonso (Fonzi) Vazquez

Senior QA Engineer at Suralink

As an experienced Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), Fonzi has a deep understanding of software development methodologies, the SDLC and DevOps. Fonzi is proficient in programming languages such as TypeScript and C#, which allows him to identify and report defects for web and mobile applications. In his free time, he enjoys sharing the knowledge of software development, testing, and cloud infrastructure through his blog — Moreover, he is in the market research phase of starting a QA consulting business in Sioux Falls.


Ruslan Akhmetzianov

DevRel Manager at Qameta Software

Developer Relations Lead at Qameta Software with a focus on keeping Allure Report open-source community and building a TestOps enjoyers club. Big fan of sharing knowledge and discussing corner cases for QAA evolution hypotheses.

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