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TestOps in Action: Full-Stack testing with Java, JS, and Playwright

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We're thrilled to announce our upcoming meetup featuring Ruslan Akhmetzianov, DevRel Lead, and Natalia Polyakova, Quality Engineer, both from Qameta Software. Join us for an in-depth discussion of TestOps, automated testing, and quality processes.

In this engaging and informative event, Ruslan and Natalia will share their insights and expertise, drawing from their experience dogfooding TestOps:

  • How to bring control and transparency the natural full-stack testing zoo of JUnit 5, Spring Framework, Playwright and Jest

  • The nuances of automated backend, frontend and E2E testing

  • How Qameta Software leverages TestOps to optimize their testing processes and ensure quality software delivery

  • Tips for improving quality processes, from test case creation to execution and reporting


Whether you're a software developer, quality engineer, or simply interested in the latest trends in software testing, you won't want to miss this event.


The meetup will take place on March 30th at 2:30pm UTC and will be held online. Register today to secure your spot and join us for an engaging and informative discussion of TestOps and automated testing!



Natalia Polyakova

Quality Engineer at Qameta Software

Natalia has been working in testing for almost four years. Started as a trainee and finished as a lead to leave the QA path for automation. Now she is a quality engineer at Qameta Software and works as a mentor for Junior QC engineers at a tech university. She believes testing should be a part of the whole team's work, not just testers'.


Ruslan Akhmetzianov

DevRel Manager at Qameta Software

Developer Relations Lead at Qameta Software with a focus on keeping Allure Report open-source community and building a TestOps enjoyers club. Big fan of sharing knowledge and discussing corner cases for QAA evolution hypotheses.

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