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Testing at AdTech Holding: Challenges and Tools

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AdTech Holding delivers cutting-edge technology for MarTech by leveraging innovative and diverse talent, applied AI, expert systems, and scaled data science since 2011. Although the QA Department was not established until 2015, the company's growth and increasing workload, along with more microservices, made it challenging to maintain organization and transparency.


The volume of test runs and number of releases were quickly scaling. The new projects were poorly integrated, and new cases or steps were not automatically transferred. This led to a lack of transparency and relevance.


Join us on June 6th to discuss how Allure TestOps enabled the AdTech team to solve these challenges.



Mikhail Sidelnikov

Head of QA at AdTech Holding

Tests Automation lover with 15+ years of experience in QA, development and lead positions. On his way Mikhail built many teams, tests and frameworks for them from scratch. Main principle at work — «Automation must be simple». Now he works as a Head of QA in AdTech holding and continues building perfect QA team with perfect automation based on best technologies.


Ruslan Akhmetzianov

DevRel Manager at Qameta Software

Developer Relations Lead at Qameta Software with a focus on keeping Allure Report open-source community and building a TestOps enjoyers club. Big fan of sharing knowledge and discussing corner cases for QAA evolution hypotheses.

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