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Testing at Wrike: Challenges and Tools

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Wrike is a global tech company building a collaborative work management platform of choice for 20,000+ companies in over 140 different countries. Behind the scenes, they have more than 250 engineers developing the Wrike product. Wrike is one of the rare Allure TestOps early adopters, so their experience with TestOps is huge!

On the 26th of January, we will discuss the very first steps of Allure TestOps, as the Wrike team were the first system users (before it even became the TestOps)!


We’ll also try to sort out what challenges face the team of 16 SDETs doing more than 3000 runs per month for 64k (45k E2E Selenium tests and 19k rest/api tests) of tests.

In the webinar you will find out:

  • How to cope with huge results volumes;

  • Which tools and approaches help to keep performance sane;

  • Wrike team plans and forecasts for testing in 2023.



Alexander Shurov

Head of QAA at Wrike

Joined the Wrike team in 2010 and was the first QA Automation engineer. During these years Wrike built the QA automation team of amazing developers and together they are developing the unique tests framework and processes for the beloved company, which lets them manage their production code quality at a high level.


Ivan Varivoda

QA Automation Tech leader at Wrike

Ivan has been at Wrike since 2017 and he is responsible for QAA tooling, part of test infrastructure, increasing quality of tests. He worked on the test quarantine system, test run/retries optimisations and many other useful things at Wrike. Sometimes participates in conferences and meetups.


Ruslan Akhmetzianov

DevRel Manager at Qameta Software

Developer Relations Lead at Qameta Software with a focus on keeping Allure Report open-source community and building a TestOps enjoyers club. Big fan of sharing knowledge and discussing corner cases for QAA evolution hypotheses.

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